We are back & able to take care of all orders!

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All orders being placed from September 1st - 12th will be processed and shipped after September 12th due to absence of business.

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We regret to tell you that Doom & Fuel decided to leave Ewig Frost due personal reasons.
The last shows in this constellation will be:
Sept. 16. Vienna
Sept. 30. Linz
Oct. 8. Bregenz
We endeavour to build a new lineup for Ewig Frost and sadly have to delay all other shows!
Es tut uns Leid euch mitzuteilen, dass Doom & Fuel aus persönlichen Gründen Ewig Frost verlassen.
Die letzten Shows im aktuellen Line-Up:
Sept. 16. Wien
Sept. 30 Linz
Okt. 8. Bregenz
Wir sind um eine Neubestzung bemüht, müssen aber leider vorerst alle sonst geplanten Shows auf unbestimmte Zeit verschieben!