Instrument: Guitars, Vocals
Member since: 2003 (founder)
Year of birth: 1987
Other bands: Ex-Indoctrinate (drums), Ex-Katjusha (drums) (R.I.P.), Ex-Ferrum Noricum (vocals) (R.I.P.)
Gear: Ibanez Artcore, Epiphone Lucille (B.B. King signature), Marshall JMP MKII special edition 50W (1980), Marshall 1960 cab, Dunlop Cry Baby Wahwah
Top Albums:

Tank: The Filthhounds Of Hades, This Means War
Motörhead: We Are Motörhead, Inferno, Another Perfect Day (etc.)
Carpathian Forest: Strange Old Brew
Doom: War Crimes / Inhuman Begins
Anti Cimex: Victims Of A Bombraid
Bathory: Bathory
Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales
Darkthrone: Under A Funeral Moon, Circle The Wagons
Zeke: Til The Livin' End
Thin Lizzy: Johnny The Fox, Thunder And Lightning, Jailbreak
Ruby Starr: Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost, Ruby Jones